First Support Meeting of User Support Task Force

VRVS / Forrest Room

VRVS / Forrest Room

Thoene, W.
    • 11:00 AM 11:15 AM
      Introduction and subject of the group 15m
      Speaker: Thoene, W.
      Dear all, here are the minutes of our meeting today: VRVS Meeting in Forrest Room: Date & Time: 28.05.2004, 11:00-12:00 MESZ Participants: David Bouvet (DB) Kostas Koumantaros (KK) Marco Verlato (MV) Mario David (MD) Wolfgang Thoene (WT) Wojtek Wislicki (WW) (I thought there was someone else too, but not all the time !?) Summary: - WT introduced the current GGUS concept and answers questions about the current GGUS LCG concept. - MV introduced the ticketing/helpdesk system that was used at INFN - the concept behind this, was very similar to the current GGUS concept - The current GGUS solution does not include a knowledge base, this is currently under development - All participants share the idea of the ROC Managers-Meeting, to setup a centralised User Support, - we do not think that user support is necessary 24/7 at the beginning, but it should be possible in the future - The main goal for the beginning should be to find a good classification for the tickets and even more important to define the groups (support, deployment etc.) which are involved in user support to define fast and reliable processes Action items: - all members of the "support task force" should use and test the GGUS portal at To have "support rights" please use the link that is provided in the portal. Everybody should send WT an email with comments to the portal (please provide good and bad thoughts) up to 04-06-2004, after this WT will send out a summary and schedule an additional meeting. - WT will send out an email to the ROC and CIC Managers, asking to receive a list of groups that are common in each ROC/CIC for Support issues. - all members should provide a list of their current structures, to see how the ROC is organised in terms of support. Please send a one page PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress file. WT will provide a list of common groups :-) Thanks to all of you and have an nice weekend Wolfgang