New opportunities in Kaon Physics

G33 - Aston Webb Building (University of Birmingham)

G33 - Aston Webb Building

University of Birmingham

Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT
Institute of Physics half-day meeting. This meeting will review recent results in Kaon Physics, exploring the use of kaon decays in precision tests of the Standard Model and in searches for new physics. All presentations will be given in a form accessible to students and to researchers from other areas of high-energy physics. For further information, contact the organiser: Useful information on how to reach Birmingham University and campus map
  • augusto ceccucci
  • Christopher Smith
  • Cristina Lazzeroni
  • Dirk Broemmel
  • Evgueni Goudzovski
  • Fergus Wilson
  • Giuseppe Ruggiero
  • Helen Heath
  • Ian Kenyon
  • Ilektra Christidi
  • Jack Goddard
  • Jim Grozier
  • John Dainton
  • John Fry
  • Jonathan Flynn
  • Karl Harrison
  • Martin Gorbahn
  • Matthew Moulson
  • Mike Green
  • Nigel Watson
  • Paride Paradisi
  • Sukhbinder Singh
    • 1:15 PM 1:25 PM
      Welcome 10m
      Speaker: Cristina Lazzeroni (High Energy Physics Group, University of Birmingham)
    • 1:25 PM 1:45 PM
      Lepton Flavour Violation in Kaon decays 20m
      Speaker: Dr Paride Paradisi (University of Valencia)
    • 1:45 PM 2:05 PM
      Search for LFV in leptonic decays of the Kaon at NA48/NA62 and KLOE 20m
      Speaker: Evgueni Goudzovski (University of Birmingham)
    • 2:05 PM 2:35 PM
      Rare Kaon decays in SM and beyond (I) 30m
      Speaker: Martin Gorbahn (Karlsruhe)
    • 2:35 PM 3:05 PM
      Rare Kaon decays in SM and beyond (II) 30m
      Speaker: Dr Christopher Smith (Karlsruhe)
    • 3:05 PM 3:25 PM
      K+ to pi+ nu nubar measurement from E949 20m
      Speaker: Dr Ilectra Christidi (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
    • 3:25 PM 3:55 PM
      The NA62 experiment at CERN 30m
      Speaker: Augusto Ceccucci (CERN)
    • 3:55 PM 4:15 PM
      Review of Kl3 results in UKQCD 20m
      Speaker: Dr Jonathan Flynn (Southampton U)
    • 4:15 PM 4:35 PM
      Review of Kl3 results and Vus in Flavianet 20m
      Speaker: Matthew Moulson (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (LNF) - INFN)
    • 4:50 PM 5:15 PM
      Discussion 25m