Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme

The use of Monte Carlo radiation transport codes in radiation physics and dosimetry (2/3)

by Ferrari, A. (CERN-AB)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber


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Transport and interaction of hadronic radiation The physical bases for the description of medium and high energy hadron transport and interactions in Monte Carlo codes will be briefly reviewed. Atomic processes (dE/dx, multiple Coulomb scattering, etc) will not be discussed in details, because of their similarities with those of electron and positrons (discussed in the second lecture). The lecture will mostly concentrate on modelling of hadron nuclear interactions. The various steps customarily used in describing nuclear interactions 1) Hadron-nucleon interactions 2) Glauber-Gribov cascade 3) (Generalized) IntraNuclear cascade 4) Preequilibrium 5) Evaporation/fission/fragmentation 6) Gamma deexcitation will be introduced and discussed mainly focusing on their relative role in determining final state properties of relevance for radiation protection and dosimetry. Examples from real life codes and comparisons with experimental data will be also presented.
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