Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme

The use of Monte Carlo radiation transport codes in radiation physics and dosimetry (3/3)

by Silari, M. (CERN-SC)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber


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Application of Monte Carlo codes in radiation shielding and dosimetry This lecture will review some of the applications of Monte Carlo codes in radiation physics and dosimetry, providing a number of examples with comparison with experimental results where available. The following topics will be addressed: 1) calculation of radiation shielding and energy deposition studies for the LHC and for future CERN high-power accelerators; 2) induced radioactivity in accelerators, its impact on accelerator operation and on accelerator decommissioning (the example of LEP); 3) exposure of man at commercial flight altitudes, modelling of aircraft to assess influence of material distribution around passengers and crew, and modelling the cosmic neutron field on earth; 4) example of designing radiation protection instrumentation; 5) calculations of fluence to dose conversion coefficients used to estimate the radiation risk to humans; 6) evaluation of radiation risk caused by exposure to narrow beams at high-energy accelerators (gas bremsstrahlung and high-energy protons).
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