Aug 3 – 10, 2016
Chicago IL USA
US/Central timezone
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Higgs Physics at CEPC (15' + 5')

Aug 6, 2016, 10:10 AM
Chicago 9

Chicago 9

Oral Presentation Higgs Physics Higgs Physics


Manqi Ruan (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN))


Focusing on the Post-Higgs-Discovery era of High Energy Frontier, the CEPC is envisioned to be a future circular collider with multiple operation phases. The CEPC has a total circumference of at least 54 km and at least two interaction points. In its 10 years operation at ~240 GeV with the focus on collecting a sample of ~1M e+e- -> ZH events, the CEPC will determine the Higgs couplings to sub-percentage levels. It will also produce 10 billion Z bosons at ~M(Z) in one year and boost the precision of EW measurements by orders of magnitude. This talk summarizes the physics potentials at the CEPC. The complementary between CEPC and other facilities will also be discussed.

Primary authors

Manqi RUAN (L) Manqi Ruan (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN)) Manqi Ruan (Ecole Polytechnique (FR))

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