3-5 July 2006
CERN, Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone

Introducing python into industrial environment applications

4 Jul 2006, 12:10
40-SS-C01 (CERN, Geneva)


CERN, Geneva

Business and Applications Business and Applications


Fabio Pliger (SIA s.r.l.)


Two years have passed since the company I work for (SIA) decided to use Python to develop applications. Most of those applications are for pharmaceutical companies with high industrial and production needs. So, I would like to talk about why we have chosen python, about the main problems using Python with industrial SCADA frameworks and also about some results and tips. To wrap it up, I would like to comment on what we think the Python evolution within our company will be.

Primary author

Fabio Pliger (SIA s.r.l.)

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