3-5 July 2006
CERN, Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone

The Enthought Tool Suite for Scientific Applications

3 Jul 2006, 09:35
40-SS-D01 (CERN, Geneva)


CERN, Geneva

Python in Science Python in Science


Dr eric jones (Enthought, Inc.)


The Enthought tool suite (ETS) is a collection of packages for developing scientific applications. It includes a variety of tools ranging from Envisage, a framework for building scriptable and extensible applications, to Mayavi, a general 3D visualization package. This talk provides an overview of the collection's capabilities and demonstrates their use in a variety of applications. Here is a quick description of the several packages we will cover: Traits ------ Traits forms the foundation of almost every other package in ETS. It allows developers to specify type information for Python class members. This information is used for intializing and validating these members as well as building user interfaces for an object via Traits UI. Additionally, traits supports an observer pattern where "listener" methods are called whenever a member trait changes. Kiva ---- Kiva is a platform independent vector based drawing library for rendering 2D graphics. It is path and affine transform based, and supports alpha transparency. Kiva is used extensively by both the enable and the chaco libraries. Enable ------ Chaco ----- Chaco is Enthought's package for building interactive 2D plots. It architected to support customizable interaction with scientific data as well as efficient rendering of large data sets. Tvtk ---- Tvtk is a "traitsified" layer on the VTK visualiztion library. In addition to the facitlities provided by traits, tvtk provides a more convenient interface as well as more efficient sharing of data between VTK and Python Numeric/NumPy data structures. Mayavi ------ Mayavi is a general purpose 3D visualizaiton plugin for Envisage applications developed by Prabhu Ramachandran. This tool is actually 3nd generation of the original Tk based Mayavi application. Mayavi is built on top of Tvtk. Envisage -------- Envisage is a plugin based architecture for developing scriptable and extensible applications. There are a number of plugins that come with ETS including a text editor, python shell, mayavi, and others that can be combined together along with domain specific plugins to develop full features applications. More information on ETS is available at http://code.enthought.com/ets.

Primary author

Dr eric jones (Enthought, Inc.)

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