3-5 July 2006
CERN, Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone

Zope: The June releases

5 Jul 2006, 11:00
40-S2-B01 (CERN, Geneva)


CERN, Geneva

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Mr Philipp von Weitershausen (none)


It's the second time that the Zope project has made releases according to the 6 month release schedule. Zope 2.10 and Zope 3.3 come with numerous new features, improvements and refactorings. This talk will give an overview of the changes in the "June releases" and point out some planned features for the upcoming release cycle.


  • Conclusions from the June release cycle

  • What's new in Zope 2, Zope 3, Five, ZODB

  • What's planned for the upcoming "November releases"?

Primary author

Mr Philipp von Weitershausen (none)

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