Monolithic and Vertically Integrated Pixel Detectors

500/1-001 - Main Auditorium (CERN)

500/1-001 - Main Auditorium


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Plans are taking shape to form a new group to coordinate and stimulate R&D on monolithic and vertically integrated pixel detectors for scientific applications (HEP and beyond). A joint message from the CERN-KEK-FNAL directorate has offered their support, and suggested the formation of a regionally balanced Coordination Board to take this forward. From discussions in recent reviews and workshops, there is clearly an opportunity for the many efforts underway world-wide to benefit a larger community. There are already strong collaborations in existence for the development of vertical integration and MAPS. The new world-wide effort would build upon the existing collaborations and open the technology developments to other scientific areas. This and other ideas will be discussed in this meeting. (This event is organised by Chris Damerell.)
  • Alessandro La Rosa
  • Alexandre Rozanov
  • Chris Damerell
  • Daniele PASSERI
  • Eleuterio Spiriti
  • Erik HM HEIJNE
  • Giorgio Stefanini
  • Giuliana Rizzo
  • Hans-Guenther Moser
  • Henryk Palka
  • Joel Goldstein
  • John MORSE
  • John Wilson
  • Lars Eklund
  • Michael Moll
  • Nicola Tartoni
  • Nicolas Fourches
  • Nigel Hessey
  • Ole Rohne
  • Pisana Placidi
  • renato turchetta
  • Val O'Shea
  • Vito Manzari
  • Wasi Faruqi
  • Yavuz DEGERLI
  • Zhige Zhang