Dec 11 – 12, 2008
Europe/Zurich timezone
MEETING GOALS: - to review specifications and technical choices + to set deadlines for decision on pending questions, - to define the precise contribution of each partner (deliverables and planning) and the interactions between partners (names of persons in charge, exchange of information/hardware, planning of meetings, …), - to propose how to demonstrate 25 MV/m (Beta=1) and 19 MV/m (Beta =0.65) before mid-2011 - to list untreated subjects and collect suggestions for addressing them, - to organize the collaboration (Constitution?), - to define the dates of the main meetings until end of 2009.
AT Auditorium
  • Roland Garoby
WORKINGS GROUPS: Each participant is asked to register to one or more working group(s). The mandate of the working groups is to fulfill the meeting goals on a subset of subjects WG 1: High power RF equipement (RF distrib., amplitude/phase modulators, circulators, loads...) WG 2: Cavity design (Geometric beta, high power coupler, HOM damper/coupler, tuner...) and construction (Manufacturers, processing facilities, low power RF tests...) WG 3: Cryomodule and integration (Desing, construction, assembly...) WG 4: Beam dynamics and loss management (Collective effects, H- stripping, collimation...)