8-10 June 2016
Asia/Bangkok timezone

Guideline about registration, abstract/proceeding submission, payment

Steps to register to SPC2016

  1. Registration to indico.cern.ch (Skip this step if you registered to SPC2015).
    1. You have to register your account on indico.cern.ch first, but please do not register again if you have registered previously for SPC2015
    2. You can also use an external account provider including Facebook, Google, Live, Yahoo to register to indico system. If you don't have an external account, please apply for one of them. Indico will not store your account and password. If you want to change password, please follow the steps by your account provider.
    3. Click on "Login" on the top right.
    4. Look for "Sign in with a public service account" then click on "Facebook, Google, Live, etc."
    5. Follow the steps to register.
    6. When the login complete, you should see your name on the top right corner. Click on your name, and then "My profile".
    7. Click on account details, and check all of your details carefully. The default ones come from the account provider (green arrow). When you change them, they will be changed only in the indico system, they will not synchronise with account provider anymore (silver arrow). These details will be the "default" information of the registration page when you start to register. 
    8. Please proceed for Registration after getting an indico account.
  2. Registration to the conference
    1. You can register from https://indico.cern.ch/event/478090/registrations/
    2. Fill the registration form, and click submit. You can also modify them later.
    3. When it's done, and the form is submitted, you will
      • See you name in "Participant List" on the left menu.
      • Get the confirmation email with title "New registrant in 'Siam Physics Congress 2016': [Yourname]". Please check your Junk box, if you don't see it in your inbox. If you don't get it after 24 hour, please contact nattapong.s@ubu.ac.th. We will use this email to contact you for future notification.
    4. When your registration completes, your information will be completely independent from the profileIf you want to change your information again, please use "Modify my Registration" under registration section. Modification on the profile will not change the conference database. The conference details will be used on all materials of conference, including Abstract book, registeration, and recipt.
  3. Payment
    1. Detail will be provided soon.
  4. Abstract submission
    1. You can submit your abstract from https://indico.cern.ch/event/478090/call-for-abstracts/
    2. Please fill title, content, and summary (not mendatory). The system supports for Markdown, and LaTeX formulae in content, and summary.
    3. Choose type of contribution.
    4. Choose primary authors, and co-authors. In case you are primary author, you can search your name in "Add primary user". For co-authors, if they already register to SPC2016, you can also search for them.
    5. After finish, you will get the confirmation email with title "[Indico] Abstract submission confirmation (Siam Physics Congress 2016)".
    6. Note that, after submission (both abstract and paper), you can modify them at any times before they are assigned to committee, and after you get feedbacks from committee. The abstract (and paper) will not be allowed to modify during the consideration period. To Edit the Abstract:
      1. Press "View my Abstract".
      2. Press on your abstract's title.
      3. Click on "Pencil" icon.
      4. Modify your abstract and save it.
      5. Please don't start from "Submit Abstract", indico will create the new abstract and abstract's id for you. 
  5. Proceeding submission 
    1. Detail will be provided soon.
  6. For any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us using             email: spc2016.ubu@gmail.com