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Nov 27 – 30, 2006
Europe/Zurich timezone
The dead-line for registration is 15 November!

Poster Session

Poster Session & Poster Size

The poster session will start on Monday 27th from 17.00 - 19.00. Pre-Dinner Aperitifs will be served. Posters will be displayed in the areas immediately next to the Main Auditorium. The size of the poster must be such as to fit into a 118cm(height) x 84cm(wide) A0-portrait format. Participants will be informed at registration where to place their posters.

Linac Technology

P1The SPL II at CERN, a superconducting 3.5 GeV H- linacFrank Gerigk (CERN)
P2New preliminary design for the EURISOL post-accelerator linacsJean-Luc Biarotte (IPNO)
P3Proposal of a normal-conducting CW RFQ for the EURISOL post-accelerator and a dedicated 100 MeV/u beta-beam linac conceptAlexander Bechtold (LMU)

RF Technology

P4High-intensity RFQ beam coolerOmar Gianfrancesco (CSNSM)
P5ISCOOL: an on-line RFQ cooler and buncherErnesto Batista Mane Junior (U. Manchester), Pierre Delahaye (CERN)
P6Status of the EURISOL post-accelerator fast-chopper studiesGwenal Le Dem, Marco Di Giacomo (GANIL)
P7The MAFF IH-RFQ test stand at the IAP, FrankfurtAlexander Bechtold (LMU)


P8The SPES multi-slice direct UCx targetAlberto Andrighetto (INFN-LNL)
P9Thermal treatmenta and characterisation of pellets for direct SPES targetsMichele Tonezzer (INFN-LNL)
P10Simulation of isotope production for a target station with 8 fission targetsOleg Alyakrinskiy (INFN-LNL)
P11Preliminary design of a fission target areaOleg Alyakrinskiy (INFN-LNL)
P12EBIS for in-flight ionisation of radioactive isotopesOleg Alyakrinskiy, (INFN-LNL) Ganadiy Kuznetsov (BINP)
P13EBIS with ionisation of isotopes inside a production targetOleg Alyakrinskiy, (INFN-LNL) Ganadiy Kuznetsov (BINP)
P14Characaterisation of a plasma ion source using numerical simulationsLiviu Penescu (CERN)
P15New SiC targets developed at ISOLDESandrina Da Visitacao-Fernandes (CERN)
P16On-line isotope yield measurements from different UC targetsVictor Panteleev (Petersburg NPI)

Liquid-Metal targets

P17Thermo-hydraulic and structural analysis of the EURISOL liquid-metal targetMorteza Ashrafi-Nik (PSI)
P18Layout of the mercury loop for the MW target of EURISOLAndreas Vetter (PSI)
P19Thermo-hydraulic calculations of a transverse-flow target bombarded by a 2mm diameter proton beamJanis Freibergs (U Latvia)
P20A liquid-metal, transverse-flow targetJanis Freibergs (U Latvia)
P21Mercury purification for the MW liquid-metal spallatiion targetJörg Neuhausen (PSI)

P42Engineering Design for the Eurisol-DS Multi-MW Target Assembly (CERN)Adonai Herrera Martinez

Target Calculations

P22Effusion calculations for the direct SPES target with the RIBO codeValentina Rizza (INFN)
P23Release time calculations for the SPS-DT UCx targetMarina Barbui (INFN-Legnaro PD)
P24Release time calculations for the EURISOL multi-MW targetMarina Barbui (INFN-Legnaro PD)
P25Database development for secondary-beam intensity calculationsNicholas Thiolliere (CEA-Saclay)

Charge Breeding

P26New measurements on the charge breeder with selective containment: BRICVincenzo Variale (INFN-Bari)
P27A study of the 1+/n+ scenario with the Phoenix booster at ISOLDEMelanie Marie-Jeanne (U Grenoble)
P28Charge-breeding exploration with the MAXEBIS

Holgar Zimmermann (GSI)

Experimental Methods

P29Cooling and mass separation of ion beams using a circular Paul trapEnrique Minaya-Ramirez (CSNSM)
P30Requirements for accurate mass measurements on radionuclidesAlexander Herlert (CERN)
P31Micro-strip metal detectors: technology & applicationsMaryna Borysova (Kiev INR), Pierre Delahaye (CERN-ISOLDE)

Radiation Safety

P32Benchmarks on production of residues in thick targetsJean-Christophe David (CEA-Saclay)
P33Impact of stray radiation production and induced radioactivity on design and operation of the  EURISOL targetMarta Felcini (CERN & UCLA))
P34Adaptation of the infrastructure, licencing process and commissioning of the TARPIPE experiment at the LISOR facility of PSI Injector 1Friedrich Groeschel (PSI)
P35Production of actinide & alpha-emitters in EURISOL TargetsThomas Otto (CERN)
P36Importance of delayed neutrons for high-power liquid spallation targetsAurelien Prevost (CEA-Saclay)
P37Which materials to use to maximise fission-products and minimise fissile material inventory?Danas Ridikas (CEA-Saclay)
P38Activation calculations for the 4-MW EURISOL targetBenjamin Rapp (CEA-Saclay)

Beta Beams

P40Status of the beta-beam ion-source R&DThomas Thuillier (CNRS)