Space charge studies for future PSB injection scenarios with Linac4.


The CERN PS Booster (PSB) is the first synchrotron in the LHC injectors chain and is where the brightness for the LHC beams is defined.

The machine, in the frame of the LIU (LHC Injectors Upgrade) project, is being renovated to host the new 160 MeV H- charge-exchange injection from the Linac4. The increase of the injection energy from the present 50 MeV is intended to mitigate space charge effects for the LHC beams, in a way to produce, in the future, at least double brightness.

Issues related to space charge have been investigated as they constitute the main bottleneck to deliver such brightness. Measurements in the presence of relevant magnetic resonances as well as numerical studies have been performed to validate the mathematical models on which the tracking with space charge calculations are based.

This seminar aims to give a summary of the investigative approach and the numerical tools that have been used to make predictions of achievable operational scenarios for the PSB with Linac4 injection.

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