February 12, 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone

Physics with Pbar at the AD

Ever wondered what the antimatter experiments at the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) are doing and why? Here is your chance to learn (a bit) more! The Antiproton Decelerator, as the name says, works in a quite different regime from other machines at CERN as it is the only machine that works exclusively with antimatter and is also the only machine at CERN that does not accelerate but rather decelerates the beam during its cycle. In the seminar, I will give an overview of why these characteristics are useful to the experiments and the fundamental studies the experiments at the AD are doing on e.g. the matter/antimatter imbalance and tests of gravity with antimatter, as well as some of the physics and technical challenges that have been met over the years of physics at the AD and what still lies ahead.

30/7-018 - Kjell Johnsen Auditorium
Bldg 30-7-018
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