The material work package in EuCARD-2 supports progress with material developments for collimators and targets, where requirements for material shock resistance, electrical and heat conductance, in conjunction with radiation hardness push research onto challenging grounds. This topical annual meeting aims at a comprehensive review on applications of collimator materials to LHC and HL-LHC, progress on material development and characterisation, outlines of production techniques, results of irradiation tests (ions, protons and high-energy impact protons) and comparison with FLUKA estimation of DPA to predict radiation induce degradation.

The meeting is open to EuCARD-2 members or invited guests, for whom the meeting fee is covered by the EuCARD-2 WP11. External and local participants willing to attend the meeting are invited to contact the meeting secretariat for information regarding conditions and fees.

University of Malta
Valletta Campus