January 26, 2017
Musèe d'Ethnographie de Genève
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Program

The role of the Bureau d’Egalité at UniGe and of the Gender Balance Offices in other Swiss institutes in setting up useful actions for women employees in Physics and Astronomy, in setting up contacts between them and employees in other Departments and facilitating interactions with the governing organisms of UniGE will be discussed.

The second topic of the meeting will be on building a collaborative network with the other participants of the GENERA project durable beyond the GENERA project itself.

The third topic will be the connection of the university with schools. Programs connecting school and university will be discussed and also actions aimed at increasing them.

Though presentations at the meeting are aimed to the primary target of GENERA, employees in the RFO and RPO, a guided discussion session by experts will involve the younger interested audience, PhD and Postdocs. Some school professors will be invited.



1. Assess the status of gender issues in the partner organisations.

2. Identify gaps in existing Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) and determine specific needs or actions to enhance gender equality and women careers in physics.

3. Monitor and evaluate the existing activities of the involved organisations (partners and associates).

4. Formulate customized GEPs for all implementing organizations and create a roadmap for their implementation in physics with the potential of application in other research fields.

5. Support involved organisations in implementing customized GEPs.

6. Create a network of RPOs, HEIs and RFOs to promote gender equality in physics.

7. Set up a long-term monitoring system allowing RPOs and RFOs monitoring the impact of their GEPs in physics with the potential of application in other research fields.