Mar 11 – 12, 2009
Department of Physics, University of Oslo
Europe/Zurich timezone

Practical information

Workshop venue

The workshop will be held at the Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway.

Sem Sælands vei 24 (Physics building, Blindern University campus)

Information on getting to the University campus can be found here:

The Department is marked with a red dot (on red background, unfortunately...) in this page:

In the entrance hall of the Department, there is a large pendulum hanging from the ceiling. From there we will provide signs to point you to the auditorium (but for reference, it's the Small Physics Auditorium, room FV232).



We do not provide any accomodation for the workshop, but can suggest two hotels that are nearby and in a reasonable price range.

Cochs pensionat (cheapest)

Hotel Gyldenløve (a bit closer)

Hotel Slottsparken (close to Cochs)

There are two ways to get to the University from the hotels (for Gyldenløve, the first one is definately recommended):

  • Either walk or take the tram up Bogstadveien to Majorstuen. From there, go across the big intersection and continue in the same direction until you see a football field on your right. You will then also see the Physics Building on the top of a hill behind the football field. Walk past the field, follow the roads up the hill and go through the Physics Building to reach the main campus. This takes about 30 minutes if you walk and 20 minutes if you take the tram.
  • Or you can walk down to Nationaltheateret in the city center, which takes about 10 minutes. From there take the westbound subway, either line 3 (Sognsvann), 6 (Ringen) or 5 (Storo). Get off at Blindern station.  Go up the hill on the right-hand side of the subway (the stop is outside), and you will find the University Campus at the end of the road. The whole journey takes about 30 minutes.
Computer facilities

The lectures and discussions will take place in an auditorium with wireless connectivity, and there is wireless throughout the Department. Note, however, that our public wireless network is firewalled, only allowing traffic through port 80 (http) or ssh connections.

Travelling to Oslo PAQ (Previously Asked Questions)

How long does it take to get from Gardermoen to the University?

By train and public transportation: The airport train takes 20 minutes, then it's a 10 minute subway trip. Including transit, estimate at least one hour to get from Gardermoen to UiO.

By taxi: Approx. 45 minutes, depending on traffic. Note that this is quite expensive - about 500kr.

What is the most practical way to get from Gardermoen to Cochs Pensjonat, and from Cochs to the university?

I'd recommend taking the express train from Gardermoen, try to find one that's not an express to the central station (Oslo S) - every second train goes further. Then get off at the next station, Nationaltheatret.

Depending on which exit you use, you're then approx at the red marker on this map (probably other side of the roundabout):

Cochs is on the other side of the big park, approx where it says 'Oslo Lærerhøgskole'. 5-10 min walk.

Then to get to Blindern, go back to Nationaltheatret, and instead of the train take one of the subway lines (T-bane). Numbers 4 and 5 westbound (right hand entrance) go to Blindern, just two stops on.

Is it fairly easy to buy tickets for the train and subway and also, do you need them stamped or something before you get on the train?

The airport train is very easy - you can either just swipe a VISA (or similar) card when entering the train area at Gardermoen, or use english speaking terminals by the escalators to the trains. They're to your right and at the end of the hallway when you exit customs. (Follow the signs for 'Flytoget', which means Airport Train.)

For the subway, yes, you need to stamp the tickets. There are yellow and blue vending machines that take coins/bills, but you can also buy passes at several kiosks. Narvesen and 7Eleven are the most common chains, e.g. there are two Narvesen very close to Nationaltheateret station. (Note that the fancy, digital ticket system with interactive screens which is deployed at the subways is NOT working - it's in a test phase,)

You can either get a weekly pass - the machines probably say 'Ukeskort' (week card). Also most people speak english quite well, esp. in the kiosks downtown. Another option is a flexible 8-ticket card ('Fleksikort')  - probably enough if you're not doing anything but going to/from the University. The week pass you stamp once (yellow stamping boxes), the flexicards once per trip.