The Institute For Medical Physics (IFMP) in association with the University of Elbasan Aleksander Xhuvani will organize the 2016 Elbasan Workshop in continuation of the long series of Scientific Workshops done since two decades in South-Eastern Europe (recent ones were in Sarajevo 2014, in Shkodra 2014 and in Ohrid 2015).

This International Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering workshop in Albania will be devoted to Medical Imaging for diagnosis with emphasis on Modern Ultrasound techniques and medical applications as well as Radiotherapy with emphasis on Brachytherapy. It will be held in University Alexander Xhuvani, Elbasan, Albania from 4 to 8 July 2016 in close collaboration with the Physics Department headed by Luan Kola.

Elbasan is an historic city along via Egnatia (Roma to Byzance) funded in IV Century BC. At only 60 Km from Tirana, capital of Albania, Elbasan was the seat of one of the first Education institution, then University, of Albania.

The target audience includes senior Medical Physicists as well as young physicists working in the field. They can be from Albania but also from neighboring countries. Lectures will be in English. We hope for free, frank and fruitful discussions during this workshop.

First participants and organizers: Luan Kola (Elbasan University, Al), Yves Lemoigne (IMFP, Fr), Inva Koçiaj-Buzic (Elbasan University, Al), Christian Cachard (CREATIS & Lyon Uni, Fr), Alex Rijnders (Europe Hospitals, Brussels, Be), Hervé Liebgott (Institut Universitaire de France, Fr), Piero Tortoli (Firenze uni, It), Massimo Mischi (Eindhoven TU, Nl); Patrick Le Dû (IEEE, USA).

Invitations will be obtained on the website: Special conditions will be made for members of IFMP network and IFMP-greise Association of Scientists.


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