Sep 14 – 19, 2009
Strada Passo dell'Acqua, 34 - 06134 Bosco PERUGIA, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Annual Modulation Effects Observable in a Noble Liquid Detector.

Sep 17, 2009, 12:15 PM
Sala Orsini (Strada Passo dell'Acqua, 34 - 06134 Bosco PERUGIA, Italy)

Sala Orsini

Strada Passo dell'Acqua, 34 - 06134 Bosco PERUGIA, Italy


Andrzej Szelc


The use of liquid noble gas detectors in the search for Dark Matter is quickly becoming more widespread and they are already playing one of the major parts in the field. One of the possible signatures of the presence of Dark Matter is the so called annual modulation effect, possibly already observed by the DAMA collaboration. The liquid noble gas detectors are generally tailored to observe single WIMP interactions. Despite this, it might be interesting to investigate whether the annual modulation effect will be observable in these detectors. Another effect that is interesting is the possible influence of the Sagittarius Stream on these observations. The prospects for observing the annual modulation effect and those of the Sagittarius Stream in liquid noble gas detectors will be discussed, as well as some speculations as to what kind information can be gained by these observations.

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