Sep 14 – 19, 2009
Strada Passo dell'Acqua, 34 - 06134 Bosco PERUGIA, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
The WIN 09 Workshop will be organized by the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso of INFN and will take place from September 14th to 19th, 2009. At beginning the Workshop was to be held in the city of L'Aquila, but after the earthquake that affected this region on April 6th, the Organizing Commettee decided to move the conference venue to the "Relais San Clemente" near Perugia (Italy). The philosophy of this small but time-honored series of workshops (it started in the seventies) is to provide the opportunity for the participants to discuss and interact among each other in a very informal and constructive way. The WIN 09 workshop will deal with contemporary issues on the following four major topics, discussed in dedicated groups: DG1 - Electro Weak Symmetry Breaking DG2 - Weak Decays, CP violation and CKM DG3 - Neutrino Physics DG4 - Dark Matter
Strada Passo dell'Acqua, 34 - 06134 Bosco PERUGIA, Italy
Organizing Commettee: * M. Antonello (LNGS, Italy) * C. Bucci (LNGS, Italy) * F. Cavanna (L’Aquila University, Italy) * F. Cei (Pisa University, Italy) * G. D’Ambrosio (INFN Napoli, Italy) * D. Harris (FNAL, USA) * A. Ianni (LNGS, Italy) * O. Palamara (LNGS, Italy) * L. Pontecorvo (CERN, Switzerland) * A. Strumia (Pisa University, Italy) * F. Terranova (LNF, Italy) * F. L. Villante (L’Aquila University, Italy) * F. Vissani (LNGS, Italy) * C. Walter (Duke University, USA) Chair: O. Palamara Scientific Secretariat: M. Antonello Secretariat: F. Chiarizia Discussion Group Leaders: DG 1: Experimental leader: Y. Sirois (Ecole Polytechnique - IN2P3, France) Theoretical leader: A. P. Falkowski (CERN, Switzerland) DG 2: Experimental leader: M. Sozzi (INFN Pisa, Italy) Theoretical leader: G. Buchalla (Munich University, Germany) DG 3: Experimental leaders: B. Fleming (Yale University, USA) and O.Cremonesi (INFN Milano Bicocca, Italy) Theoretical leader: H. Nunokawa (Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) DG 4: Experimental leader: D. McKinsey (Yale University, USA) Theoretical leader: A. P. Falkowski (CERN, Switzerland)