QCD Master Class 2017



3 rue de l'Abbaye - BP 1 22750 Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer
Francois Arleo (Laboratoire Leprince-Ringuet), Stephane PEIGNE (CNRS (new))

The QCD Master Class will take place on 18-24 of June 2017 in Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, a small village in Brittany (west of France) close to the city of Saint-Malo and the world famous Mont Saint-Michel. Four lectures in QCD, of about 8 hours each, will be given to 25 young researchers and faculty staff members.

The program of the QCD Master Class 2017 consists in lectures on four different topics, from Monday to Friday. 

Interested candidates should apply via the pre-registration form given here. Deadline for application is fixed to March 31, 2017 (deadline extended). The candidates are expected to apply for the complete duration of the school, with preferably arrival on June 18 (afternoon) and departure on June 24 (morning). The selected 25 participants will be contacted in order to process with the payment of the fee to confirm final registration.

The registration fee is fixed to 400 euros and includes the full board accommodation from June 18 (evening) to June 24 (morning). The fee will be waived for participants from CNRS. 

This event is supported by CNRS École thématique, CNRS IN2P3, Labex P2IO, and GDR QCD.


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  • Aleksandra Pędrak
  • Andrecia Ramnath
  • Claudia Uebler
  • Daniel Adamiak
  • Daniel Gutiérrez Reyes
  • Felix Hekhorn
  • Florian Cougoulic
  • Gang Yang
  • Jan Maelger
  • Jorge Nogueira
  • Jort Sinninghe Damsté
  • Lin Chen
  • Luke Arpino
  • Marek Matas
  • Marina Walt
  • Martin Lambertsen
  • Maximilian Emmerich
  • Michal Krelina
  • Oscar Garcia-Montero
  • Robert Moerman
  • Shu-yi Wei
  • Stéphane Munier
  • Tom van Daal
  • Urko Reinosa Minchero
  • Ya-Ping Xie
  • Yuji Shi