SSC Workshop: Preparing SSCs for EGI

OTE Academy, Athens, Greece

OTE Academy, Athens, Greece


The transition from the current European grid infrastructure based on projects to a unique European Grid Infrastructure requires significant changes in the way that the user community is organized and funded. Based on documents prepared by the EGI Design Study project (EGI_DS), users will be organized into Specific Support Clusters (SSCs). There are also proposals to organize support activities like training or application supporting support also into SSCs. In addition, interactions between EGI and commercial entities may also be managed through one or more SSCs.


Participation in this meeting is open. However, the meeting will be geared toward those looking to define, to create, and to organize an SSC for EGI. If you will only be part of a user community served by an SSC, this meeting is probably not for you. All participants must register for the meeting.

Goals of the Meeting

  • Discuss the common characteristics of an SSC.
  • Determine the different types of SSCs (scientific, support, business, ...).
  • Discuss sources of funding for each type of SSC.
  • Determine how each SSC will deal with the probable September FP7 Infrastructure Call.
  • Discuss timelines for preparing proposals or contributing to the EGI proposal.

Documents of Interest

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Getting to the Venue

OTE Academy
Pelika & Spartis 1, 15125 Marousi (Psalidi area)
Tel: +30 210 6114430 - Fax: +30 210 6114420
Map for exact location of OTE Academy


Participants are strongly encouraged to stay at the President Hotel:

43 Kifissias Ave.
115 23 Athens, Greece

The rate are 84€ (88€) for a single (double) room. To receive these rates, please send the completed form (attached to this agenda page) to the hotel before 27 April. When sending the form do not change the name of the file.

The local organizers will arrange for busses between the President Hotel and the conference venue.

  • Alejandro Lorca
  • Andrii Shelestov
  • Aneta Karaivanova
  • Angela Poschlad
  • Antonio Lagana
  • Antti Pursula
  • Aristidis Ilias
  • Campos Isabel
  • Cecile Germain-Renaud
  • Charles Loomis
  • Christos Kanellopoulos
  • Christos Markou
  • Claudio Vuerli
  • David Fergusson
  • Diana Cresti
  • Duncan Rand
  • Emidio Giorgio
  • Emmanouel Varvarigos
  • Farid Ould-Saada
  • Florida Estrella
  • Fotis Karagiannis
  • Francesco Ruffino
  • Francisco Castejón
  • Frank Harris
  • Gabriel Zaquine
  • Gergely Sipos
  • Giorgio Pietro Maggi
  • Horst Schwichtenberg
  • Ignacio Blanquer
  • Ioannis Liabotis
  • Jacko Koster
  • Jamie Shiers
  • Jan Kmunicek
  • Janusz Martyniak
  • Jean Salzemann
  • Jean-Pierre MEYER
  • Jiri Chudoba
  • Ladislav HLUCHY
  • Laura Perini
  • Luciano Milanesi
  • Marcin Plociennik
  • Marios Chatziangelou
  • Mariusz Sterzel
  • Maurice Bouwhuis
  • Nataliia Kussul
  • Neasan ONeill
  • Neil Geddes
  • Nicola Venuti
  • Ognjen Prnjat
  • Panagiots Kokkinos
  • Panos Louridas
  • Patricia Mendez Lorenzo
  • Per Öster
  • Peter Kacsuk
  • Peter Malzacher
  • Stefano Nativi
  • Steven Newhouse
  • Sverker Holmgren
  • Sy Holsinger
  • Tamas Kiss
  • Vangelis Floros
  • Vasileios Gkamas
  • Vassiliki Kotroni
  • Victor Jaravine
  • Vincent Breton
  • Volker Guelzow
  • Yaroslav Nikolaev