25-29 September 2017
Salamanca, Spain
Europe/Zurich timezone

Three-body scattering in isobar ansatz

26 Sep 2017, 14:55
Aula 2.3

Aula 2.3

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Maxim Mai (The George Washington University)


In the so-called isobar ansatz the three-particle states can only be populated
via an interacting two-particle system (resonant or non-resonant), and a spectator.
Using this ansatz, we derive the isobar-spectator interaction such that the
three-body unitarity is ensured exactly.

Some of the final equations are similar to the old Amado/Aaron/Young appoach,
however do not rely on arguments which are valid for bound-state isobars only.
Possible extensions and applications are discussed as well.

Primary authors

Maxim Mai (The George Washington University) Bin Hu (The George Washington University) Michael Doring Alessandro Pilloni (Jefferson Lab) Adam Szczepaniak (Indiana University)

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