Feb 20 – 22, 2017
FBK, Trento
Europe/Zurich timezone

Hybrid pixel detectors for soft X-ray applications

Feb 22, 2017, 4:10 PM
Aula Grande (FBK, Trento)

Aula Grande

FBK, Trento

Via Santa Croce, 77 38122 Trento ITALY


Marco Ramilli (Paul Scherrer Institut)


Hybrid pixel detectors with silicon sensors are a well established technology for X-ray detection in the 5 keV – 20 keV range. With the commissioning of the JUNGFRAU (75 µm cell pitch) and of the first prototypes of the MÖNCH (25 µm cell pitch), the noise performance has been significantly improved, reaching the value of 55 e- ENC for JUNGFRAU and 36 e- ENC for MÖNCH, and therefore opening the soft X-ray range (below 1 keV) for hybrid pixel detector technology.
In the last years the prototypes underwent an exhaustive characterization and a series of tests have been conducted at various beam lines at Paul Scherrer Institut with energies ranging from 300 eV to 3 keV, to verify the compliance of the prototypes with the requirements of realistic soft X-ray experiments in a vacuum environment. The detector requirements for the experiments performed so far will be discussed, together with the technological challenges and the solutions adopted to make the prototypes vacuum-compatible. First results will be shown.
Finally, the plans for improvements and future prototypes commissioning will be discussed, including the commissioning of prototypes with thin entrance window sensors to increase the soft X-ray detection efficiency, or the possibility to employ Low Gain Avalanche Detectors (LGADs) to improve the signal to noise ratio.

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Primary authors

Marco Ramilli (Paul Scherrer Institut) Marie Andrae (Paul Scherrer Institut) Ms Rebecca Barten (Paul Scherrer Institut) Anna Bergamaschi (PSI) Mr Martin Brueckner (Paul Scherrer Institut) Sebastian Francis Cartier (P) Roberto Dinapoli (Paul Scherrer Institut) Dr Erik Fröjdh (Paul Scherrer Institut) Dr Dominic Greiffenberg (Paul Scherrer Institut) Dr Carlos Lopez-Cuenca (Paul Scherrer Institut) Dr Davide Mezza (Paul Scherrer Institut) Aldo Mozzanica (PSI - Paul Scherrer Institut) Sophie Redford (CERN) Dr Marie Ruat (Paul Scherrer Institut) Christian Ruder (Paul Scherrer Institut) Bernd Schmitt (Paul Scherrer Institut) Dr Xintian Shi (Paul Scherrer Institute) Dhanya Thattil (Paul Scherrer Institu) Gemma Tinti (p) Seraphin Vetter (Paul Scherrer Institut) Dr Jiaguo Zhang (Paul Scherrer Institut)

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