May 8 – 12, 2017
Asia/Seoul timezone
19th Fluka Course, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory

Practical Information

Venue location

Pohang Accelerator Laboratory(PAL), POSTECH

Radiation Safety Training Room of Administration Building

Building and its access

I. How to get to PAL

1. Domestic Transport

2. International Transport

Via Incheon/Seoul International airport,

To & From Airport

Direct Routes

  • Airport Bus (6 schedules a day, a few night buses) : 5.5 hours
  • Express Train, KTX (only 12:07PM) : 3.3 hours

Transfer Routes

  • Airport Bus to Seoul Train Station (1 h) + KTX (less than 2.5 hour)
  • Airport Train (AREX) to Seoul Train Station (45 min) + KTX
  • Express Train (KTX) to Seoul Train Station (50 min)+ KTX
  • Airport Bus to Gimpo Airport (30 min) + Domestic Flight (50 min)
  • Airport Train (AREX) to Gimpo Airport (25 min) + Domestic Flight
  • Via Gimhae/Busan International airport,

To and From Airport

Direct Routes

  • InterCity Bus (Direct to Pohang, 20 schedules a day) (2 hours)

3. Local Transport in Pohang

  • Only Taxi is highly recommended for your convenience.
    About KRW 10,000 (From Pohang Station to PAL/POSTECH)

Print the below message and show this to the Korean taxi driver

II. General Information

1. Pohang City in Korea

Pohang is an industrial and educational city at south-eastern seaside of Korea peninsula, ( where POSTECH university and POSCO company is located.

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2. POSTECH Campus Map

Pohang Accelerator Laboratory(PAL) is located in the POSTECH campus area.

The official address is as bellows.

Jigokro-127, Nam-gu, Pohang, Geyongbuk, Korea (Zipcode: 37673)

PAL in POSTECH campus