The conference proceedings have been published as CERN-Proceedings-2018-001:


Submission instructions:

  1. Download the LaTeX package and template here:
  2. Write your contribution using a copy of the cernrepexa.tex file included in the zip above. Suggested length: 5-6 pages per talk (longer contributions can be accepted if justified). Create a PDF file for your contribution and a tar.gz file with your LaTeX source and figures.
  3. Click this URL: <> and log in with your CERN account [if you don't have a CERN account see below (*)].

  4. Once logged in on the CERN Publishing platform, follow this URL: <> and click on "Register" to register as an Author for the CERN Proceedings. Make sure the "Author" checkbox is checked.

  5. Once registered as an author for the CERN Proceedings, follow this URL: <> to start the submission of your PHOTON'17 contribution. This will take you through 5 straightforward submission steps.

    STEP 1: Make sure to select the "Submission to the proceedings of Photon 2017 International Conference" section and agree to the submission check-list and copyright notice.
    STEP 2: Choose your final writeup contribution file (PDF format) and hit Upload.
    STEP 3: Fill out your personal and your contribution metadata.
    STEP 4: Choose your source files (ZIP/TAR/etc archive) as well as other supplementary files and hit Upload.
    STEP 5: Confirm and finish your submission.

    (*) If you don't have a CERN account please create a "CERN lightweight account" first. Follow this URL: <>, enter your e-mail, first name, last name, and affiliation and click on "Register". It is very important that you enter your first and last name. Follow the instructions to validate your account and set your password. Once you're done you can proceed to point 1).

    Deadline: Friday 15th September 2017.