Mar 1 – 2, 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone

The main goal of this meeting is to formally initiate the PBC studies to be developed over the coming two years. The meeting targets the designated members of the working groups.

There are 4 sessions:

  • accelerator session
  • physics QCD session
  • physics BSM session
  • discussion with CERN Theory Institute participants (2nd afternoon).

Please note the location of each session shown in the timetable.

For the accelerator session we propose one talk per working subgroup and study, summarizing the deliverables, ongoing work, and the plans for the next two years.

For each of the two physics sessions, we propose:

  • one or two talks from the "external" core members summarizing how they see the situation of the proposed projects within the worldwide landscape (motivation, competition, etc...)
  • one talk per project representative presenting the tests and studies that they would like to see performed during the next two years to consolidate the proposals.