Jun 18 – 22, 2018
Estonian Academy of Sciences
Europe/Tallinn timezone

The first Particle, Astroparticle and Cosmology Tallinn Symposium, PACTS 2018, hosted by the Laboratory of High Energy and Computational Physics at the NICPB, will be held in the main building of the Estonian Academy of Sciences (Ungern-Sternberg palace) in Tallinn, Estonia, on June 18-22 2018.

The conference aims at promoting productive discussions about recent developments in theoretical and experimental high energy physics,  cosmology and gravity with the general purpose of identifying the framework of new physics beyond the current paradigms. Our intention is to bring together experts from different fields to help sharing their knowledge outside their specialized communities.

The program consists of plenary sessions with presentations covering, but not being limited to, the  following topics: 

  • Defining naturalness: which guiding principle? 
  • Results from the LHC phases I and II 
  • Properties of the dark sector of the Universe
  • Potential of the intensity frontier
  • New physics in flavor
  • Status of the LCDM model and its extensions
  • Gravitational wave astronomy, phase transitions, black holes
  • Inflation and theories of gravity

Please notice that due to limited space,  participation is limited to about 120 guests. 

The initiative and organizers:

PACTS 2018 is organised by the members of the centre of excellence "Dark Side of the Universe," the COST action CA15108 and the ERC grant 669668 NEO-NAT.

      Jonathan R. Ellis
      Emidio Gabrielli
      Gert Hütsi
      Luca Marzola
      Martti Raidal
      Antonio Racioppi
      Alessandro Strumia
      Elmo Tempel


Steering Committee :

      M. Cirelli (CNRS LPTHE Jussieu)
      C. Grojean (DESY and Humboldt University, Berlin)
      J. Kalinowski (University of Warsaw)
      J. F. Kamenik (Jozef Stefan Institute)
      J. Pradler (Vienna Institute of High Energy Physics)
      A. Weiler (TU Munich)



Estonian Academy of Sciences
Conference Hall
Kohtu 6, Tallinn, Estonia