CERN Analysis Preservation/DASPOS/RECAST workshop



    • 1
      • Welcome and round of introduction
      • Introduction (@suenjedt)
        • What are we trying to do? Introduce topics of data/knowledge preservation, reproducibility
        • What is our role?
          • CAP: describe, capture, reuse
          • DASPOS: Data and software preservation, reuse, execution
          • RECAST: reuse/re-interpretation, execution
        • What is the community's role?
        • What are we trying to achieve today?
    • 2
      Pillar 1: Describe
      • Overview of "Describe" pillar activities. (@suenjedt)
      • JSON Schemas as an analysis knowledge description technique. Common and experiment-specific parts. (@ArtemisLav)
      • Completeness of knowledge. Low-level technical information and high-level physics information. CMS use case and demo. (@Kjili)
      • Searching inside knowledge. Simple and advanced query possibilities. Live demo.
      • Discussion and next steps.
    • 11:30 AM
      Lunch break
    • 3
      Pillar 2: Capture
      • Overview of "Capture" pillar activities. (@tiborsimko)
      • CAP system architecture. (@pamfilos)
      • Pulling information from internal collaboration databases. LHCb use case and demo. (@ioannistsanaktsidis)
      • Submitting analyses by users. CMS use case and demo. (@ioannistsanaktsidis)
      • Capturing local and external files by background ingestion. Live demo. (@jirikuncar)
      • Discussion and next steps.
    • 4
      Pillar 3: Reuse
      • Overview of "Reuse" pillar activities. (@tiborsimko)
      • REANA system architecture. (@diegodelemos)
      • ATLAS RECAST use case and demo. (@lukasheinrich)
      • LHCb use case and demo. (@atrisovic)
      • Discussion and next steps.
    • 2:30 PM
      Coffee break
    • 5
      Additional discussion topics
      • User testing
      • Discussion
    • 6
      Way ahead
      • Priorities
      • Roadmap
      • Raising awarenes and roll-out challenges
      • Wrapping up the discussion - lessons learned
    • 7
      • Learn how to prepare an analysis for reuse
      • Learn how you can connect to CERN Analysis Preservation