NMSSM benchmark discussion



Milada Muhlleitner (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))
The aim of the meeting is two-fold: - Provide interpretations for the experimentalists of the channels that have already been analysed within various models. In particular, the experimentalists want to know also what is the priority among these models and benchmarks then. The list of channels from ATLAS and CMS is attached to the email. - Provide a list of channels, that from the theory perspective are urgently needed to cover specific models, allow for distinction of models, give access to specific observables, are smoking gun signatures for particular models etc. This is also the occasion to start thinking about the possible presentation of exclusion regions in the NMSSM and of possible benchmark curves or planes (not only points) in the NMSSM.
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NMSSM benchmark meeting
Liron Barak
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    • 14:00 14:30
      An overview of Higgs topologies mostly studied by ATLAS and CMS 30m
      Speaker: Roger Wolf (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))
    • 14:30 14:50
      Higgs Pheno Implications of the Aligned NMSSM 20m
      Speaker: Dr Nausheen Shah (Wayne State University)
    • 14:50 15:10
      Signatures from the Extended Higgs Sector in the NMSSM 20m
      Speaker: Ulrich Ellwanger (University Paris 11)
    • 15:10 15:30
      Benchmark Planes 20m
      Speaker: Sven Heinemeyer (CSIC (Madrid, ES))
    • 15:30 15:50
      Common Discussion 20m