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Puebla located at the central region on Mexico  some 130.9 km away from Mexico City, is a safe destination in Mexico that leads visitors, slightly and gently, off the usual, well-trod tourist path, the fourth largest city in Mexico, with more than 2 million inhabitants and a long history of shaping the country’s cultural identity.

Whether you’re into shopping for hand-crafted artisanal, sampling world-class cuisine in a restaurant or savoring sinfully greasy appetizers on the street, climbing the world’s largest pyramid, or descending into its smallest volcano, sipping local liqueurs at a century-old cantina or dancing until dawn at a trendy new nightclub, you’ll find it all here.  More touristic information can be found at https://www.zonaturistica.com/en/tourist-attractions-in/401/puebla.html.

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The city of Puebla was founded on April 16, 1531 as "La Puebla de los Ángeles". It was the first city in central Mexico founded by the Spanish conquistadors that was not built upon the ruins of a conquered Amerindian settlement. Its strategic location, between the port of Veracruz and Mexico City, made it the second most important city during the colonial period.

The city’s main claim to fame, however, is Cinco de Mayo, a festival commemorating the May 5, 1862 defeat of a French expeditionary army by Mexican general Ignacio Zaragoza. It was after this battle that the name of the city was changed to "Heróica Puebla de Zaragoza". The forts where the battle took place are a major tourist attraction of the city and the site of an annual month-long carnival marking the anniversary of the battle. The city is also famous for its cuisine, being said it is this city where “Mole" -a famous Mexican spicy thick sauce- was invented. Traditional cuisine from Puebla was recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage by (UNESCO) since 2010.

The hosting Institution Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), whose origins trace back to the XVI century, constitutes a solid base for higher education and scientific research in the region and occupies a prominent place among public universities in the country, ranking between the top 5 universities in Mexico. With the second largest Physics Faculty in Mexico. Due to the concerted effort of the community. To know more about our university please visit: www.buap.mx.