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GGUS-OSG meeting

28/R-014 (CERN)



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Follow-up of the 2008-12-04 and 2009-03-12 meetings with OSG.

Dial-in numbers: +41227676000 (English, Main)
Access codes: 0100570 (Leader)
0110543 (Participant)
Leader site:
Participant site:

Discuss how GGUS can take from OIM the:

  1. Site name
  2. Site Contact email and
  3. Site Emergency email
To complete action 4.c in the notes of the 2009-03-12 meeting and close savannah #107531. every night fresh and up-to-date from OIM.

Current situation explained in this twiki for GGUS-to-OSG site notification.

The agenda of this meeting is empty