EYH2017 preparation

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Participants: Alexandra Feistmantl, Aniko Rakai, Barbara Alavarez Gonzalez, Claire Bourdarios, Hanne Heylen, Hannah Short, Ines Knaepper, Ioanna Koutava, Julia Woithe, Manuela Cirilli, Maria Cepeda, Natalie Kane, Nicoletta Garelli, Rita Ferreira, Sarah Storey, Sophie Baron, Stephanie Beauceron.

Introduction. See Nicoletta’s slides.
Nicoletta introduced the Expand Your Horizon conference and CERN contributions in the past. The event will take place on November 18th at Unimail Geneva.
Nicoletta and Sarah are the CERN EYH organizers for this edition, but it is all based on voluntary work and any contribution and help are very welcome.
Nicoletta reminded the goal of the meeting: inform newcomers about the event, meet in person, discuss possible new CERN contributions to the event, and discuss modifications/additions to the CERN workshops.

EYH. See Aniko’s slides.
Aniko is part of the WIT group and helps the EYH organizers to create and maintain the website. She presented the brochure for this year.
She will leave CERN in about a month, but she will take part of the EYH with the core organizers.
She reminded that speaking good French is an asset for being a volunteer.
About 450 girls are expected, the event is free and the volunteers will not be paid. Nicoletta adds that she and Sarah will try to get a minimal budget to pay possible costs (e.g. liquid nitrogen) and having a t-shirt for each CERN volunteer.
Aniko asked ideas to sponsorize the event in Geneva and France voisine not for finding CERN volunteers, but for reaching more girls. Manuela suggested contacting the CERN local communication office. 

CERN stand in the main building. See Sarah’s slides.
Sarah presented the CERN stand in the hall of UniMail and possible new ideas for 2017. Many proposals were discussed: the S’Cool Lab girls proposed to set up the particle identity test, CMS ladies proposed to borrow one of the exhibits of CMS Create (http://cmscreate.web.cern.ch/content/public-presentation-2016), IT ladies offered to use one pair of goggles for virtual reality, Sarah suggested possible live sessions with ATLAS and CMS control rooms.
Manuela introduced herself: she is a physicist who worked in ATLAS and now is section leader in KT. She took part in EYH2011 in the cloud chamber workshop. She would be happy to bring some of the many KT activities at EYH, from medical imaging, hadron therapy, solar panels, etc. It is important to give to the girls and the parents the idea that CERN is more than Higgs boson search. Manuela proposed also to bring the immobilization mask for people undergoing hadron therapy, but some in the room feared the subject could scare girls or being too hard for girls with ill parents or relatives. Manuela will circulate proposals.
She reminded that CERN will take part at Les Automnales (
http://www.automnales.ch/) which happens during EYH2017, so we need to reserve in advance material.
Sarah and Nicoletta will collect ideas and circulate a proposal for organizing the CERN stand in the main building. They will also check with the EYH organizers concerning space and possible general theme.

CERN workshop 1, Liquid Nitrogen. See Sophie’s material.
Sophie presented how the liquid nitrogen workshop functioned in the past edition.
The girls are very interested and active during this workshop. We believe the success of the workshop is due to: hands-on style, girls play a game which make them moving, ice-cream at the end. We will try to add a ‘physical exercise’ to the other workshops as well.
Sophie reminded 3 people for this workshop is a bit tight, it would be better to be more people. Nicoletta reminded she would like to have more volunteers for this edition also to be able to work half-day only.
Nicoletta added that this year they would like to have some budget before to purchase the liquid nitrogen and to arrange an official transport.
The S’Cool Lab ladies offered to use the superconducting train of S’Cool lab, rather than using the one of Geneva University.
Nicoletta thinks we could add a bike connected to 2 bulbs, and a bulb having the copper wire plunged into liquid nitrogen.
The volunteers for this workshop must follow a training and a safety course.
Nobody would change anything from this workshop.

CERN workshop 2, Cloud Chamber. See Maria’s material.
Maria presented how the cloud chamber workshop functioned in the past edition.
Manuela proposed to add Medipix and she will contact Michael Campbell.
The cloud chamber in the microcosm is now online and we could add a screen to display it.
We should think of a game to make the girls moving, and the S’Cool lab ladies proposed a game they usually do.

CERN workshop 3, Bowl Salad Accelerator. See Sarah’s slides.
Sarah presented how the bowl salad workshop functioned in the past edition.
We should contact Magda to locate the machine. S’Cool Lab has a new one we could use.
Sarah reported a complaint from a volunteer about some EYH helper (non CERN) who were adopting a teacher style with the girls, reducing the fun and the pleasure of discovering what is going on. We should try to not be seeing as teachers. For this purpose, Manuela suggested to have a look at the TTE - technician training experience:  https://jobs.web.cern.ch/join-us/technician-training-experience

CERN contribution to parents conference. See Ioanna’s slides.
Ioanna presented a proposal for a possible contribution to the parents conference at the end of the event.
Nicoletta and Sarah will check how the conference will be structured and which kind of contributions could be offered by CERN.

CERN new workshop, Minecraft Hour of Code. See Hannah’s slides.
Hannah presented a proposal for an IT related workshop.
All people in the room liked the proposal and Sarah and Nicoletta will try to get the fourth CERN workshop at the event.
The ATLAS detector can be built in Mincraft, but Claire explained we could not use for this tutorial, but we might get a video to display at the end of the workshop.
S’Cool Lab offered laptops for this workshop and proposed a ‘moving game’ for the girls: invent a code language and make them moving, e.g. tap the shoulder = make one step forward.


There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.