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Chia-Ming Kuo (National Central University (TW)), Senka Duric (University of Wisconsin-Madison (US)), Vasiliki Kouskoura (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)), Yusheng Wu (University of Michigan; Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)

Dedicate to discuss the summary plots for LHCP 2017

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Joshua Milo Kunkle
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    • 14:30 14:35
      Introduction 5m
      Speakers: Chia-Ming Kuo (National Central University (TW)), Senka Duric (University of Wisconsin-Madison (US)), Senka Duric (University of Wisconsin-Madison (US)), Vasiliki Kouskoura (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)), Yusheng Wu (University of Michigan; Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)

      Ad-hoc LHC EWK Multi-boson Meeting to discuss summary plots: https://indico.cern.ch/event/636276/


      *The following summary concentrates on action items. Each action item is either to be followed up NOW or in the FUTURE, which is indicated in the note as well*


      Summary of specific discussions on Carsten's slides:


      • Page 3-4: limit plots on fT,i and fM,i parameters

        • (NOW) Agreed to use solid limit lines for all the processes

        • (FUTURE) To make the "sensitive" limits more visible, don't show "insensitive" limits in the plot in the future

          • The "insensitive" limits are those which are 10 times larger than the most stringent limits on the same canvas

          • This will be the baseline strategy in the future

          • If speakers / conveners at certain points are not happy with some results being removed due to this reason, we could create a temporary version of these plots to include limits from requested processes

        • (FUTURE) Other possibilities to further improve the plotting style and presentation

          • Sort the parameters into several categories according to their different sensitive processes and show in different plots

          • Or still show all the parameters in one plot, but scale certain parameter limits by a constant (x10, x100, …)

        • (FUTURE) Page 4, fM,i limits: to resolve the inconsistency between ATLAS and CMS on WVg and gg->WW limits; to follow up with Marc-Andre, Matt and etc.


      • Page 5-8: limit plots on aTGCs

        • (FUTURE) Plan to add limit plots on EFT parameters

        • Page 6, limit plot on charged aTGCs

          • (NOW) to make the legend texts less crowded

          • (FUTURE) break down the plot into three in the future: 1) Delta Kappa_Z and Delta g1_Z; 2) Delta Kappa_gamma and Delta g1_gamma; 3) Lamda_Z

            • Still follow the LEP scenario. Lamda_Z corresponds to higher dimension operator in EFT parametrization. Showing Z and gamma parameters separately could be beneficial to emphasize the different contributing processes

          • (FUTURE) If needed, add details on the limit conversion and decay channels into the captions

          • (FUTURE) Add a vertical line at limit = 0

        • Page 7, limits from Zgamma channel

          • (NOW) To add back 7 TeV Zgamma limits

        • Page 8, limits from ZZ channel

          • (NOW) To drop 7 TeV individual limits, and only show the 7 TeV ATLAS+CMS combination

        • Page 6+7+8

          • If there are unitarized limits available and we plan to show, choose at most one unitarization scale to show in the plots


      Summary of general discussions / proposals:


      • Preliminary Approval Policy for the Summary Plots

        • To use a dedicated mailing list and a public twiki for the summary plots

        • Once the updated summary plots are prepared, circulate them in the mailing list for three working days

          • The following members should review the plots: ATLAS/CMS contacts for the LHC EW MB group; ATLAS/CMS contacts for the Summary Plots; ATLAS/CMS EW Conveners

          • Other members are welcomed to post comments as well

        • After the circulation, improve the plots according to the comments

          • If no further issues, the plots are approved and can be labeled as "LHC EW Group". They will be put in Twiki as well.

          • If needed, organize a dedicated meeting to discuss remaining issues


      • More general comments on the plots

        • (NOW) Need to prepare captions for these plots; and if needed, add extra information about decay channels or limit conversions in the captions

        • (FUTURE) Plan to explicitly store different versions (tagged using the produced date) of the summary plots in the Twiki

        • (NOW) In general, make sure that only the best limit is shown for each process at each sqrt(S) from each experiment.


    • 14:35 14:55
      aTGCs/aQGCs Summary Plot 20m
      Speaker: Carsten Bittrich (Technische Universitaet Dresden (DE))
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