Following the HR CIRCLE first meeting in Brussels in 2015, CERN and the JRC are happy to invite you to the HR CIRCLE 2nd workshop focusing on Scientific Career Development.

The intention of the HR Circle Community is to create a platform for the exchange of good practices in HR and more precisely in the area of diversity and the related topics of scientific career development and competence management (cfr Terms of Reference).

One of the challenges for research organisations in the coming years will be to provide a welcoming, agile, inclusive and flexible working environment so that a new generation can flourish in the scientific workplace. At the same time it is a challenge to provide career opportunities for our more senior scientific staff.

After the holiday period the team responsible for organising this event started brainstorming about the upcoming workshop. We tried to identify the purpose of the event and potential relevant topics for discussion.

We would like to propose the following tentative ideas for the workshop:

  • fulfilling career paths alternative to the management path in research organisations
  • good practices in promoting and valorising (from an HR perspective) the scientific excellence in research
  • international mobility opportunities for scientific researchers
  • diversity and inclusion: how do you best ensure diversity through all HR practices
  • empowering self-established networks as a means to achieve gender/diversity objectives

We would very much welcome your input on the abovementioned topics and would like to know if any of these are important for you and hear which topic you would really like to discuss? Would it be possible for you to give a presentation on any of them? Or if you suggest any other topic can you help presenting it during the workshop?

We intend the workshop to be a mixture of presentations and participatory discussions.

The workshop will take place on 14th (PM) and 15th (AM) November 2017, and CERN has kindly offered to host it at its premises in Genève, Switzerland.

A networking dinner will be offered to the participants in the evening of 14 November, more details to follow. And a guided tour of CERN on 15th November afternoon.

While the organisational secretariat will be provided by the JRC and the hosting logistics by CERN, the participation will be at own expense.




80/1-001 - Globe of Science and Innovation - 1st Floor
CH-1211 Geneva 23 Switzerland
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