The charge of the review is to see if CERN has all information at hand to estimate the individual cost items for the hollow e-lens and to prepare a tentative production schedule (including potentially required prototype developments and R&D milestones) for implementing the e-lenses during LS3 and to assure sufficient space and infrastructure in the designated areas for the installation of the hollow e-lenses during LS3.

To this end, we would like to review in particular the following points:

a) Is CERN ready for estimating the total cost and resource requirements for the e-lenses (including the technical development)?

b) Is CERN ready to specify the technical infrastructure needs in IR4 to avoid future iterations on key services at a later stage (e.g. cryogenic)?

c) Is CERN ready for reserving sufficient space for the e-lenses in IR4? [this point was explicitly removed from the charge of the last review on the needs for a hollow e-lens]

d) Have all the implied technical groups identified the required resources for implementing the e-lens development (including the required technical development for finalising the technical design by the end of LS2) and integration (for the e-lenses installation in LS3 and operational exploitation as of the start of Run4)? This point clearly should match the identified resource requirements of point 1) and should include a comparison with the currently existing resources.

e) Is CERN ready for identifying which components of the e-lenses need to be produced in-house and which components could be outsourced?

The review will take place at over two days, on 19th and 20th October, at CERN. The members of the International Review Panel are: Wolfram Fisher (BNL - Chair), Francesco Bertinelli (CERN), Akira Yamamoto (KEK-CERN), Rudiger Schmidt (CERN), Paul Cruikshank (CERN), Laurent Tavian (CERN).

Oliver Brüning is the link person for this review.

The link to the previous review can be found by clicking here, and reference material related to the Hollow Electron Lens can be found on this page.

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