USAG meeting - Theme: Candidates for new TPM team

28-R-006 (CERN)



User Support Advisory Group (USAG) meeting This group is, in EGEE III, the successor of the EGEE II Executive Support Committe (ESC).

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Dial-in numbers: +41227676000 (English, Main)
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0146098 (Participant)
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  1. Agenda approval
  2. Comments on minutes from the July 2nd USAG meeting [here].
  3. Continuous user support assessment as required by MSA-1.6 via the weekly escalation reports This time: emphasis on VO Support reports.
  4. User Support strategy issues, news since last USAG:
    1. Discuss the new TPM Model bids, so far only from Italy and North!:
      Understanding of the model (selected at the SA1 f2f mgnt meeting of 2009-06-09 at CERN),
      Understanding of the TPM OLA.
    2. Comments on the User Support Strategy note.
    This is the 5th of a series of USAG meetings where we are called to shape the User Support strategy in the last year of EGEE and in view of EGI.

    EGI Blueprint v.3 (Dec 2008) for quick reference during these meetings.

  5. Maintain master/slave ticket relationship after closure? A presentation by Diana is attached to the agenda. Ref. savannah #108668.
  6. Prepare the User Support sessions @EGEE'09:
    1. Tue 22 September 17-19hrs Operations' Support: Regional helpdesk presentations and GGUS Interfaces' presentation. 2nd hour left for discussion.
    2. Wed 23 September 11-13hrs USAG: Form the agenda.
    3. Wed 23 September 14:30-19hrs: Middleware and User Communities' presentations.
    4. GGUS demo: Content includes ticket life-cycle, TTT, Report Generator, TEAM tickets' workflow, special fields, e.g. subscribe to ticket. Demo for users, demo for supporters.
  7. Review Action List [go to point 5 of these notes.]
  8. A.O.B.
    1. Please book in your calendars the USAG@EGEE'09 session. Here is the Agenda extract for 2009-09-23.
  9. Next meeting date: Wednesday 23 September 2009 @ 11:00 CET at the EGEE'09 conference.! (NB! Unusual day/time. No telephone connectivity!)
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