6-10 November 2017
VENUE: Workshop will be hosted in Ionian University from Monday morning 6th November until Friday noon 10th November 2017.
Europe/Zurich timezone

The Institute For Medical Physics (IFMP) in association with the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece will organize the 2017 Corfu Workshop in continuation of the long series of Scientific Workshops done since two decades in South-Eastern Europe (recent ones were in Sarajevo 2014, in Shkodra 2014, Ohrid 2015 and Elbasan 2016).

This International Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering workshop in Corfu Island will be devoted to Medical Imaging for diagnosis with emphasis on Hybrid techniques and medical applications for Neurodegenerative diseases as well as Radiation Protection in Medicine and Innovations in Medical Physics. It will be held in Ionian University Alexander Corfu, Greece from 6 to 10 November 2017 in close collaboration with the Informatics Department (Panayiotis Vlamos, Katerina Bobori).

The target audience includes senior Medical Physicists as well as young physicists working in the field. They can be from Greece but also from neighbouring or distant countries. Lectures will be in English. We hope for free, frank and fruitful discussions during this workshop.

First participants and organizers: Panayiotis Vlamos* (Ionian University, Gr), Yves Lemoigne* (IFMP, Fr), Katerina Bobori* (Ionian University, Gr), Patrick Le Dû* (IPN Lyon,Fr & IEEE, USA), Zeta Theocharopoulou* (Ionian University), Albana Topi* (Siena University, It),Antagoni Avramouli (Ionian University, Gr),   David Townsend (Singapore University, Sg), Palma Altieri (INFN, Bari, It), Thomas Beyer (WMU, At), Vesna Gershan (Skopje University, Skopje, Mk), Maria Gonidi (Ionian University),  Paul Lecoq (CERN, Geneva, Ch), Jim Malone (Trinity College, Dublin, Irl), Sonja Petkovska (ACIBADEM, Skopje, Mk), Antonia Plerou(Ionian University, Gr),  Ivo Rausch (WMU, At), David Townsend (Singapore University, Sg), Aris Vrahatis (PatrasUniversity,Gr)....

* = Organizing Committee

Invitations will be obtained on the website: http://www.ifmp.eu. Application is compulsory before October 15th. Special conditions will be made for junior members of IFMP network and IFMP-greise Association of Scientists (Accommodation, lunches..).

For more information, please visit our site: http://www.ifmp.eu, page « Corfu 2017 » or write to info@ifmp.be

See you soon in Corfu !


VENUE: Workshop will be hosted in Ionian University from Monday morning 6th November until Friday noon 10th November 2017.
History Dept. Ionian University, I. Theotoki, 72, Corfu City, Greece

The organisation of Corfu Workshop was possible thanks to financial help from:
- IN2P3 – CNRS, Paris, France
- Varian Medical Systems International AG, Germany
- IEEE, 3 Park Avenue, New York, NY10016-5997 USA
- IFMP-Greise association of European Scientists, Ambilly , France
- Medizinische Universität Wien, Austria
- Clinical Imaging Research Centre, Singapore
- Physique Sans Frontières, Physics witout Borders (PSF), Prévessin France

Many thanks to Ionian University in Corfu, Greece, for kindly hosting the Workshop.