First EWSB Spring School



Pietro Govoni (Universita & INFN, Milano-Bicocca (IT)), Kristin Lohwasser (University of Sheffield (GB)), Matthias Ulrich Mozer (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE)), Martijn Mulders (CERN), Chariclia Petridou (Aristotle University of Thessalon¡ki (GR)), Ivica Puljak (Technical University of Split FESB), Magdalena Slawinska (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL))

This is the first spring school for electroweak symmetry breaking (EWSB) - organized for Master and young PhD students in particle physics, eager to learn more about theory, measurements and statistics used in EWSB Physics.

The school is organized by the VBSCan COST network. Students, who would like to attend should submit a short CV and letter of recommendation from their advisor. A limited amount of funds will be available to reimburse the costs of the schools including some travel. These funds will be distributed according to academic achievement and development potential, as well as considerations based on COST inclusiveness policies.

The school costs will consist of the hotel fees only, which will amount to 360 Euro per person, and will include the full board service in the location. Students will be hosted in double rooms. Travel is to be organised and paid for by the participants.

For any questions, please contact

  • Abhishek Nag
  • Alessandra Cappati
  • Alessandro Da Rold
  • Alexandros Marantis
  • Anastasiia Kurova
  • Anna Ershova
  • Christophe Roland
  • Claudia Caterina Delogu
  • Davide Valsecchi
  • Despoina Sampsonidou
  • Duje Giljanović
  • Edvin Sidebo
  • Fabio Monti
  • Federico Vazzoler
  • Fernando Augusto Assunção Neto
  • Francesco Brivio
  • Francesco Brizioli
  • Giovanni Bartolini
  • Hassane Hamdaoui
  • Hassnae El Jarrari
  • Heiko Schäfer-Siebert
  • Helle Gormsen
  • Huda Siddiqui
  • Ibrahim Soner Zorbakir
  • Ioannis Maznas
  • Iqra Sohail
  • Jakob Novak
  • Janina Krzysiak
  • Jie Xiao
  • Jonas Rembser
  • Joona Juhani Havukainen
  • Kenneth Long
  • Khushbakht Habib
  • Kimmo Kallonen
  • kiran farman
  • Laura Jean Bergsten
  • Lorenzo Russo
  • Louis Portales
  • Luis Junior Sánchez Rosas
  • Lukas Fritz
  • Matej Roguljić
  • Mathias Mancini
  • Meng Lu
  • Michele Grossi
  • Mikko Lotti
  • Miqueias Melo de Almeida
  • Muhammad Ansar Iqbal
  • Natasha Mahmood
  • Olympia Dartsi
  • Ondrej Penc
  • Ozlem Ozcelik Ozludil
  • Paolo Bassi
  • Rabia Shaheen
  • Rajat Gupta
  • Raquel Gomez Ambrosio
  • Rebecca Linck
  • Salah-Eddine Dahbi
  • Sarvesh Uplap
  • shah Ahad
  • Shalu Solomon
  • Szymon Tracz
  • Tanvi Wamorkar
  • Thomas Reitenspiess
  • Tim Herrmann
  • Ugur Kiminsu
  • Valerio Bertacchi
  • vlad Pas
  • Ying An