IML Machine Learning Working Group: open topic

Friday, 26 January 2018 - 14:00
CERN (222-R-001)

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26 Jan 2018
Seminar (until 15:00) (222-R-001)
14:00 EP-IT data science seminar: Soumith Chintala (Facebook): Automatic Differentiation and Deep Learning PLEASE JOIN THIS SESSION THROUGH WEBCAST FROM THE SEMINAR PAGE   (222-R-001)
Regular IML meeting (until 18:00) (222-R-001)
15:00 News and group updates - Michele Floris (CERN) Markus Stoye (CERN) Lorenzo Moneta (CERN) Steven Randolph Schramm (Universite de Geneve (CH)) Paul Seyfert (CERN)   (222-R-001)
15:10 ROC's, AUC's and alternatives in HEP and other domains - Andrea Valassi (CERN)   (222-R-001)
15:40 Riemann-Theta Boltzmann Machine - Daniel Krefl (Unknown) Stefano Carrazza (CERN) Daniel Krefl (CERN)   (222-R-001)
16:00 Conference report: NIPS - Savannah Jennifer Thais (Yale University (US))   (222-R-001)
16:20 Spes Spirae - Lars Varming Joergensen (CERN)   (222-R-001)
16:40 Minutes   (222-R-001)
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