18-19 April 2018
Diamond Light Source
Europe/London timezone
Diagnostics Experts of European Light Sources

Preliminary results from a wide-band 500MSps digitizer prototype

19 Apr 2018, 08:30
G59 (Diamond Light Source)


Diamond Light Source

Diamond House, Harwell Campus, Didcot, OX11 0DE, United Kingdom


Manuel Cargnelutti (Instrumentation Technologies)


One of the frontiers that novel beam diagnostics and readout electronics will explore in the future is bunch-by-bunch information. Both for the electron synchrotrons and for the high repetition rate LINACs, bunch-by-bunch beam information will be useful to better understand and control the machine. As a first step to explore this field, I-Tech prototyped a 500MSps digitizer which features 4 input channels with large dynamic range and wide bandwidth. The ADC sampling is controlled through a PLL which is locked to an external reference signal. In this contribution the measurements and characterizations achieved with a single-channel prototype are presented.

Primary author

Manuel Cargnelutti (Instrumentation Technologies)

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