15-17 January 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts from the scientific communities working on low emittance e+/e- rings. The workshop is sponsored by the RULE network under the ARIES European project and includes light source storage rings, linear collider damping rings and future e+/e- circular colliders.

The workshop will treat beam dynamics and technology challenges for producing and controlling ultra-low emittance beams. Participants will benefit from the experience of colleagues who have designed, commissioned and operated such rings.

Workshop sessions will include:

- Low Emittance Optics Design and Tuning

- Collective Effects and Beam Instabilities

- Low Emittance Ring Technology

Students are encouraged to participate and present their work.

A prize will be awarded to the best student presentation to allow for participating in a major conference presenting works related to Low Emittance Rings.

Proposals for contributions to the workshop should be addressed to any member of the program committee:

R. Bartolini, JAI and Diamond Light Source (riccardo.bartolini@diamond.ac.uk)

M. Biagini, INFN-LNF (marica.biagini@lnf.infn.it)

M. Borland, ANL (mborland@anl.gov)

R. Hettel, SLAC (hettel@slac.stanford.edu)

E. Karantzoulis, ELETTRA (emanuel.karantzoulis@elettra.eu)

R. Nagaoka, SOLEIL (ryutaro.nagaoka@synchrotron-soleil.fr)

K. Oide, KEK (katsunobu.oide@cern.ch)

Y. Papaphilippou, CERN (yannis@cern.ch)

Q. Qin, IHEP (qinq@ihep.ac.cn)

A. Streun, PSI (andreas.streun@psi.ch)

F. Zimmermann, CERN (frank.zimmermann@cern.ch

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