Afternoon Lecture

18 Jul 2018, 13:00
Cruciform Lecture Theatre 1 (B404) (UCL)

Cruciform Lecture Theatre 1 (B404)



Afternoon Lecture: NVidia - Deep Learning for Object Recognition

  • Twin Karmakharm (University of Sheffield)

Afternoon Lecture: ASI - Introduction to Classification and Regression (Linear and Logistic Regression)

  • Ben Green (ASI Data Science)

Afternoon Lecture: Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick

  • Stephen Blair-Chappell (Bayncore)

Afternoon Lecture: Dell - Case Studies of AI and ML

  • Derek Rattansey (Dell)

Afternoon Lecture: ASI - Further Classification: KNN and Tree based methods

  • Gary Willis (ASI Data Science)

Afternoon Lecture: Intel - Training on the DevCloud

  • Stephen Blair-Chappell (Bayncore)

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Twin Karmakharm (University of Sheffield)
24/07/2018, 13:30
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