HL/HE-LHC WG1 Meeting -- Top physics

40-S2-B01 - Salle Bohr (CERN)

40-S2-B01 - Salle Bohr


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Alessandro Tricoli (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)), Dieter Zeppenfeld (KIT, Karlsruhe), Paolo Nason (Unknown), Patrizia Azzi (INFN Padova (IT)), Stephen Farry (University of Liverpool (GB))
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HE/HL-LHC WG1 Meeting
Alessandro Tricoli
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    • 09:00 09:15
      Introduction 15m
      Speaker: Patrizia Azzi (INFN Padova (IT))
    • 09:30 11:05
      Top Cross Section
      • 09:30
        EW corrections in ttbar, ttbar H/W/Z, 4 top 5m
        Speaker: Marco Zaro (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))
      • 09:40
        4 tops cross section (ATLAS) 5m
        Speaker: Frederic Deliot (Université Paris-Saclay (FR))
      • 09:50
        tZq cross-section (ATLAS) 5m
        Speaker: Irina Antonela Cioara (University of Bonn (DE))
      • 10:00
        cross section (LHCB) 5m
        Speaker: Stephen Farry (University of Liverpool (GB))
      • 10:10
        tt differential xs resolved (CMS) 5m
        Speaker: Otto Heinz Hindrichs (University of Rochester (US))
      • 10:20
        single top differential resolved (CMS) 5m
        Speaker: Matthias Komm (Imperial College (GB))
      • 10:30
        s-channel cross section (ATLAS) 5m
        Speaker: Kevin Finelli (Boston University (US))
      • 10:40
        Discussion 15m
    • 11:05 12:05
      Top Properties
      • 11:05
        Dead cone (ATLAS) 5m
        Speakers: Mr Jacob Henry Rawling (University of Manchester (GB)), James William Howarth (University of Manchester (GB))
      • 11:15
        Charge asymmetry (ATLAS) 5m
        Speaker: Marcel Vos (IFIC Valencia (ES))
      • 11:25
        Spin correlations (ATLAS) 5m
        Speakers: James Howarth (University of Manchester-Unknown-Unknown), James William Howarth (University of Manchester (GB))
      • 11:35
        tt asymmetries (CMS) 5m
        Speakers: Andrea Giammanco (Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) (BE)), Jan Kieseler (CERN), Pieter David (Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) (BE))
      • 11:45
        Discussion 15m
    • 12:05 13:35
      Lunch Break 1h 30m
    • 13:35 14:45
      Top Couplings
      • 13:35
        Effective Field Theory 10m
        Speakers: Eleni Vryonidou (CERN), Eleni Vryonidou (Universite catholique de Louvain)
      • 13:50
        Wtb anomalous coupling (ATLAS) 5m
        Speakers: Antonio Onofre (LIP), Antonio Onofre (LIP/Universidade do Minho)
      • 14:00
        ttgamma (ATLAS) 5m
        Speakers: Yichen Li (Universitaet Siegen (DE)), yichen li (Nanjing University)
      • 14:10
        ttV (ATLAS) 5m
        Speaker: Maria Moreno Llacer (CERN)
      • 14:20
        ttV/VV anomalous couplings (CMS) 5m
        Speaker: Robert Schoefbeck (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT))
      • 14:30
        Discussion 15m
    • 15:00 16:00
      Top Mass: Tops Mass
      • 15:00
        Top Mass from gamma-gamma spectrum 10m
        Speaker: Hiroshi Yokoya (KIAS, QUC)
      • 15:15
        top->J/psi mass (ATLAS) 5m
        Speaker: Frederic Derue (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
      • 15:25
        Top mass (CMS) 5m
        Speaker: Jan Kieseler (CERN)
      • 15:35
        Discussion 15m
    • 16:00 17:15
      • 16:00
        FCNC t->qZ (ATLAS) 5m
        Speaker: Archil Durglishvili (Tbilisi State University (GE))
      • 16:10
        FCNC tqg (CMS) 5m
        Speaker: Lev Dudko (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (RU))
      • 16:20
        FCNC tqgamma (CMS) 5m
        Speaker: Petr Mandrik (Institute for High Energy Physics (RU))
      • 16:30
        FCNC tcH (CMS) 5m
        Speaker: Kirill Skovpen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BE))
      • 16:40
        FCNC tgamma-tZ combination for constraining EFT 5m
        Speaker: Jeremy Andrea (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (FR))
      • 16:50
        FCNC tqg (ATLAS) 5m
        Speaker: Dominic Hirschbuehl (Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal (DE))
      • 17:00
        Discussion 15m
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