Following the successes of the LHC Long-Lived Particle (LLP) Workshops in April and October of 2017 -- and continuing the robust and rich tradition defined by prior workshops such as “LHC Searches for Long-Lived BSM Particles: Theory Meets Experiment", at U. Mass, Amherst, in November of 2015; “Experimental Challenges for the LHC Run II", at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in May of 2016; and the “LHC Long-Lived Particles Mini-Workshop" at CERN in May of 2016 -- the LHC LLP Community, composed of members of the CMS, LHCb, and ATLAS collaborations as well as theorists, phenomenologists and those interested in LLP searches with dedicated LHC detectors such as milliQan, MoEDAL, MATHUSLA, FASER, Codex-b, etc., convenes again to discuss the outcomes presented in the community white paper, assess the state of searches for long-lived particles beyond the Standard Model at the LHC, brainstorm about new ideas for LLP searches, and focus on the future of LLP searches in HEP, both at the LHC and for future detectors and projects.

The format will likely be similar to that of our previous workshops, i.e., a working-workshop, where we focus on discussion and collaboration, with any talks functioning to set the stage for that collaboration.

This workshop is unique, however, because after months of work by our community, the white paper is currently nearing completion.  Thus, while we will definitely feature a component devoted to a review of the content of the white paper, the focus of this workshop will be on the future:

  • What's next for LLP searches at the LHC?
  • What didn't we get to cover in the first white paper?
  • What recommendations for triggers and upgrade studies have arisen since we started this work?
  • How well do we really, quantitatively understand where our searches for prompt objects have sensitivity for LLPs, and how can we encourage the experimental collaborations to address this question comprehensively?
  • What about future detectors?
  • And what about new ideas for thinking critically about the ultimate sensitivity for LLP signatures / benchmark simplified models at the LHC and about what will be learned at future machines?

And yes, of course there will be at least one lightning round!  Please contact the organizers with your proposal or idea.

The first day of the workshop features collaborative sessions with the Re-interpretations workshop concluding that same day, also at CERN.

The agenda is taking shape now, but please register now!

Note that while we hope to see you in person at CERN, remote participation will indeed be available via Vidyo.  Please register whether you will participate in person or remotely and indicate so in your registration.

Registration for this event is currently open.