Nov 1 – 3, 2018
University of Athens, Greece
Europe/Athens timezone

Approaching the end of the 13 TeV data taking, and before the CERN Long-Shutdown 2, CMS Exotica analyses will be entering a new phase. The large Run 2 data set offers exciting possibilities for discoveries and the results from the final Run 2 publications will likely stay unsurpassed for a long time. Thus it is essential to convert all accumulated experience and expertise into improvements of the analysis techniques, best possible understanding of standard model backgrounds and newly optimized selection criteria of the existing searches as well as explore new final states and parameter space in order to extract the maximal physics output from Run 2 data.

The 2018 edition of the annual CMS Exotica workshop in Athens serves as an important milestone in this effort. It is an excellent opportunity to show progress, map the activities, inject ideas and prepare a coherent publication plan for a complete set of impactful legacy 13 TeV CMS Exotica results!

University of Athens, Greece
Amphitheater "Alkis Argyriades"
Panepistimiou St. 30, 10679 Athens, Greece