Read-out system of the Double Chooz experiment.

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Aithousa Mitropoulos

Aithousa Mitropoulos

Megaron, Athens - Greece


Tarek Akiri (APC Paris)


The Double Chooz experiment, which will use the antineutrinos produced in the Chooz nuclear power plant in France, aims at measuring theta_13 or further lowering its limit if no signal is observed. To achieve this purpose, a new concept using two detectors has been introduced: one close to the power plant to monitor the flux of electron antineutrinos emitted by the power plant and one at 1.05 km, where the disappearance is expected to be maximal. In addition, the detector design has been optimized to reduce backgrounds. The expected sensitivity at 90% C.L. is sin2(2theta_13)<0.03 (with Dm^2 =2.5 10^-3 eV^2) after three years of data taking. The aim of this poster is to present the read-out chain and data acquisition system of the Double Chooz experiment. All its components will be described in detail from the photomultiplier tube to the storage of data on disk. Special focus will be devoted to the capabilities of the 8 bits 500 MHz FADC waveform digitisers and the Level-1 trigger and timing system. Data from the preliminary performance of the ensemble will be shown. The on-line system will be also discussed focusing on the high degree of diagnosis and real time data analysis of the data monitoring system.

Primary authors

Alberto Remoto (APC Paris, Subatech Nantes) Tarek Akiri (APC Paris)

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