T2K First Result with Neutrino Beam Monitor “INGRID”

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Aithousa Mitropoulos ()

Aithousa Mitropoulos

Megaron, Athens - Greece


Mr Masashi Otani (Kyoto University)


T2K is a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment aiming at a precise measurement of νμ disappearance and a search for νe appearance. It utilizes the J-PARC proton synchrotron to produce the muon neutrino beam, which is measured by the near detectors and the Super-Kamiokande detector. The neutrino beam axis is directed 2.5 degrees away from the Super-Kamiokande direction in order to maximize sensitivity to the neutrino oscillation measurement. INGRID(Interactive Neutrino GRID) monitors the neutrino beam direction with the precision of better than 1mrad. It is located 280m downstream of the neutrino production target and consists of sixteen identical modules arranged in a cross around ±5 m of the beam center. Seven modules are placed in horizontal direction, other seven are in vertical and two are off-diagonal position. Each module has the sandwich structure of nine target iron plates and eleven scintillator tracking planes. It is a 1.2m cube and weights 6.7 ton. The neutrino beam profile is reconstructed with the number of neutrino interactions at each module and the beam axis direction is determined from the beam profile center. We started physics data taking from the beginning of 2010. The results from INGRID are presented together with the detector design and performance.

Primary author

Mr Masashi Otani (Kyoto University)


Mr Akihiro Minamino (Kyoto University) Ms Atsuko Ichikawa (Kyoto University) Autiero Dario (IPN Lyon) Besnier Magali (LLR Ecole Polytechnique) Bronner Christophe (LLR Ecole Polytechnique) Chaussard Lionel (IPN Lyon) Ms Chie Matsumura (Osaka city University) D.Tran Phuong (LLR Ecole Polytechnique) Declais Yves (IPN Lyon) Drapier Olivier (LLR Ecole Polytechnique) Ferreira Oscar (LLR Ecole Polytechnique) Gonin Michel (LLR Ecole Polytechnique) Mr Kazuhiro Yamamoto (Osaka city University) Mr Masashi Yokoyama (Tokyo University) Moreau Francois (LLR Ecole Polytechnique) Mr Tatsuya Kikawa (Kyoto University) Mr Tsuyoshi Nakaya (Kyoto University)

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