Tools and Methods for Underwater, High Energy Neutrino Telescopy

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Aithousa Mitropoulos

Aithousa Mitropoulos

Megaron, Athens - Greece


Dr Apostolos Tsirigotis (Hellenic Open University)


We report on the structure and the performance of the HOU Reconstruction & Simulation (HOURS) software package, concerning: a) the detailed description of very large volume neutrino telescopes, including all the relevant physical and detection processes, b) signal processing techniques for timing and charge estimation of the PMT waveforms and c) the accurate reconstruction (direction and energy estimation) of high energy muons from neutrino interactions. We also report results on the optimization of various telescope configurations and on their capability in detecting/discovering galactic and extragalactic high energy neutrino sources, as well as measuring diffuse neutrino fluxes. Furthermore, we describe and evaluate the sensitivity of calibration strategies, based on the synchronous detection of Extensive Air Showers by floating EAS arrays and the underwater detector, in investigating systematical and statistical uncertainties of the neutrino telescope. Several of the results described in this report have been use for the KM3NeT Design Study.

Primary authors

Dr Antonis Leisos (Hellenic Open University) Dr Apostolos Tsirigotis (Hellenic Open University) Mr George Bourlis (Hellenic Open University) Prof. Spyros Tzamarias (Hellenic Open University)

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