September 21, 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone
There is a live webcast for this event.

** Registration is now closed, but if you are at CERN and wish to attend, please come to the Council Chamber at 13.30 **

Building on the success of the first event in this series "Moving Out of Academia" we would like provide CERN Alumni - or soon to be alumni - with the opportunity to  learn more on how fellow alumni successfully managed a transition from Academia to the Business field of Big Data.

If you are considering becoming a data engineer, a machine learning expert, a data scientist, a data analyst or taking on any job in the field of Big Data, this is your opportunity to come along with your questions and obtain first-hand information from our panellists.

The first part of the event is focused on the nature of the work carried out by our panellists and on other skills they acquired at CERN which have helped them (or not) in the transition .

The second part of the event will provide you with very practical advice on how to prepare for such a transition, how to build your CV,  what language to use to market yourself in interviews with recruiters in this field, what errors to avoid and how to promote your assets.


503/1-001 - Council Chamber
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Please note that CERN Alumni can book a room for themselves at the CERN Hostel so as to be able to attend the event. Please contact for more information

Application for this event is currently open.